Caja Los Andes

Enandes LAB 2017

Enandes 2017: Much more than a Congress

The Enandes International Congress is one of the most important corporate events developed by Caja Los Andes in Chile. Since its first edition in 2010, its year-by-year objective has been to bring together the main representatives of affiliated companies and opinion leaders, seeking to reflect on themes related to the well-being, happiness and development of people within the Companies.

ZERTIOR was in 2017 next to one of its most important clients to jointly design the edition of that year, with a proposal ranging from the creation of the concept to the production of the same, transforming ENANDES into “ENANDES LAB 2017”, a huge laboratory where collaboration and innovation merge into the world of work.

A spectacular staging, immersive decor emulating a laboratory that enchanted and trapped all present, a cycle of presentations and conferences and even an own App of the event were just some of the novelties of ENANDES LAB 2017, that without a doubt It will be marked in the retinas of all who were there.

A very high standard for 2018.