The most important cultural event in recent years

To commemorate the fourth centenary of the death of El Greco, Castile-La Mancha and Toledo, in particular, staged one of the most important cultural events in Spain’s recent history. The focal point of the commemoration was the three major Exhibitions held in the Museum of Santa Cruz (Toledo) and the Museo del Prado, where visitors could admire El Greco’s paintings on loan from around the world.

Using the commemoration of the painter and his work as a mainspring, the Government of Castile-La Mancha commissioned ZERTIOR the design of a major marketing campaign aimed at boosting attendance at Exhibitions, as well as Castile-La Mancha’s name as a brand and tourism destination.

Under the slogan “El Greco is Castile-La Mancha” (linking the slogan for the region with the figure of the artist), the graphic creativity and audio-visual pieces designed by ZERTIOR appeared throughout Spain. The success of the campaign is evidenced by the absolutely unprecedented number of visitors to the region (in particular, Toledo) during 2014.