A decisive contribution to the new dimension of the Real Madrid Foundation

The Real Madrid Foundation relied on ZERTIOR for the design of its 2010-2014 Strategic Plan. ZERTIOR successfully carried out this large-scale and high-responsibility project to the point that it has served as the basis for the Foundation’s further development and growth.

During the more than six months of intensive work and interaction with the Foundation’s general management, our studio included the development of a new strategic vision, based on innovation of supply and geographical expansion as well as the definition of an organizational plan for quality, finance, marketing and communication.

Under the agreement signed with the Real Madrid Foundation, ZERTIOR was also responsible for coordinating the process of optimisation and outsourcing for the Foundation’s campus, which currently represents one of the main sources of revenue for the organisation.

Some figures will suffice to illustrate the development of the Real Madrid Foundation after it implemented the Strategic Plan designed by ZERTIOR. In 2010 the Foundation had a presence in 10 countries, with just 15 schools and 3,000 beneficiaries. Four years later, in 2014, the Foundation was already present in 70 countries, with 229 schools and more than 37,000 beneficiaries.