”Zaragoza doesn’t give up”

Real Zaragoza entrusted Zertior the design and execution of an encouraging campaign geared towards club supporters, in order to back the team and fight together for the continuation in the Spanish First Division.

Coinciding with the second centenary on the French invasion, the “battle cry” was “Zaragoza no se rinde” (Zaragoza doesn’t give up), making reference to the Aragonese resistance during these years.

Despite of the fact that Real Zaragoza couldn’t avoid the relegation, the campaign was an enormous success and thousands of supporters filled “La Romareda” stadium during the last games of the season to make players and staff feel their breathe.

Then, ZERTIOR also designed the membership campaign for the following season. The claim “Now more than ever, shout Zaragoza”, touched the supporters, that once again were with the team.