ZERTIOR and CORDEP created a unique experience as part of the Dakar Rally

During the latest editions of the prestigious Dakar Rally, ZERTIOR Chile has set up VIP camps in the most remote and spectacular places of the Chilean desert. Many companies have been able to enjoy a unique and unrepeatable experience, closely following the movements of participants in this gruelling challenge.

In the 2015 edition, over 250 people dropped by our tent, invited by various multinational companies (Peugeot, Total, Monster, etc.). All of them  could feel the magic of the race and the desert, do fun outdoor activities and experience in-person the spectacular Bivouac Dakar, that itinerant “mini-city” where riders and their teams hang out at the end each stage.

The VIP Camp Dakar is just one of a great variety of activities in the field of experience travel offered by ZERTIOR Chile, developed in order to offer companies unique and differentiating activities as a tool for earning the loyalty of their customers or their own organisation.