Charity Football in Seville

The Real Betis Football Foundation turned to Zertior to organise everything related to the “We Are Legend” charity match. This event would take place at the Benito Villamarín Stadium, where legends of the Real Betis Football team and Real Madrid team faced off. The goal of the RBB Foundation can be summed up as the promotion of football as a key tool for enhancing education and social integration.

The match was well attended and received support from various institutions from Seville (including the Seville City Council). Some of the most successful and recognised players from both clubs over the years took part, including Cuéllar, Alfonso, Mel and Gordillo on the Betis side and Buyo, Hierro, Martín Vázquez and Butragueño on the Real Madrid side.

Proceeds from the match were donated to a joint project run by the Real Betis Foundation and the Association of Parents of Oncological Children in Andalusia (Andex), which has done a great job since 1985 helping to care children with cancer and their families.