Legal Notice - We Protect your information

ZERTIOR S.L welcome and invites you to read attentively the General Conditions of Use of this Website (in forward, the ” General Conditions of Use “) that describe the terms and conditions that will be applicable to your navigation for this website in conformity with the established in the applicable Spanish regulation. Provided that ZERTIOR S.L might modify in the future these Conditions of Use, we recommend you visit them from time to time to be due informed about the realized changes.

In ZERTIOR we are compromised with the personal data privacy of our subscribers, contacts, clients and we are fully conscious of our responsibilities for with the good practices of the use of this information.

In fulfilment of the Law 34/2002, of July 11, of services of the company of the information and of electronic commerce, we inform that:

  • Company name: ZERTIOR, S.L.
  • CIF/NIF number B-85709970
  • Head office: Plaza de La Lealtad, 3 – 5ª planta 28014 Madrid.
  • The company´s social activity consists on consultancy services, for brand and contents for the sports and the entertainment industry.
  • Inscribed in Madrid Commercial Record, T 26766 , F 166, S 8,H M 482306, I/A 7 (19.05.11)

Overall Conditions of Service

The present overall conditions are effective for the different services online developed by Zertior, S.L. including the subscription to our newsletter.

ZERTIOR S.L supplies the content and the services that are available in the Website, with subordination to the present General Conditions of Use as well as to the Personal Data Processing Policy (in forward, the ” Personal Data Policy “). The access to this Website or its utilization in any form grants you the qualification of “User” and implies the acceptance without reservations of each of the present Overall Conditions of Use, ZERTIOR S.L reserve itself the right to modify them at any time. In consequence, it will be a responsibility of every User, the attentive reading of this Overall General Conditions of Use in each of the occasions in which the user accedes to this Website, for what if this one does not agree with any of the same ones here ready, the User will have to abstain regarding the use of the present Website.

Likewise, we warned the User about the fact that, in occasions, particular conditions will be able to be established for the utilization in the Web site of contents and/or specific services, the utilization of the above-mentioned contents or services will involve the acceptance of the particular conditions specifically.

ZERTIOR adopts reasonably safety measures to detect the virus existence. Nevertheless, the User must be conscious that the IT systems safety measures in Internet are not entirely trustworthy and that, therefore, ZERTIOR cannot guarantee the non-existence of virus or other elements that could produce alterations in the Users´ IT systems (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents and files contained in the same ones.

Purpose of the web page

The services given for are the promotion of the race Pilgrim Race.

This entity will treat exclusively the confidential personal data with the purpose of managing the relationship with its clients and for promoting the activities of the company.

The access to the web page is free except in the cost of the connection across the telecommunications network provided by the access supplier contracted by the users. The services that the company gives with general character, have the price that is indicated in the corresponding commercial offer and in no case, we provide our services across website.

The User remains informed, and accepts, that the access to the present website does not suppose, in any way, the beginning of a commercial relationship with ZERTIOR.


In this way, the user promises to use the website, its services, and contents without disobeying the in-force legislation, the good faith, and the public order. The use of the web remains prohibited with illicit or harmful ends, or that, of any form, could cause prejudice or prevent the normal functioning of the website. Respect for the contents of this site, it is prohibited:

  • Its total or partial reproduction, distribution or modification, unless the user possesses the authorization of its legitimate holders;
  • Any violation of the rights of the provider or of the legitimate holders;
  • Its commercial or advertising ends utilization.

Personal data gather by this Site 

The utilization of certain services or requests address to ZERTIOR they are determined conditioned to the previous fulfilment of the corresponding User’s record in the one we ask the user to express assent for the treatment of his information by the company. For it there exist three systems for the capture of information:

  • Contact form: a contact form Exists for queries, suggestions or professional contact in the tab named “Attends” of the principal menu. In this case, the email address will be in use for answering the same ones
  • Hyperlink with the e-mail, make able to contact the company for the above-mentioned way. In this case, the email address will be in use for answering the user’s requests.
  • Subscriptions: In the website, there exists the possibility of subscribing to our Newsletter to receive the innovations edited across a banner of the subscription alone where we gather the name and email address.

To activate the subscription. Search in the entry tray of your e-mail. You will have to confirm your subscription and give your express assent in order to permit us to validate your email address. We will use the facilitated information to send our Newsletter and to keep you updated on innovations and punctual, exclusive offers for subscribers.

You will be able to cancel the services given for at any time in the same Newsletter.

Touching the correspondent ‘sending’ button at the form, the User expressly consents Zertior to be able to use his information, also for commercial communications sending by e-mail or for any other way. Nevertheless, the User will be able to be opposed to the sending of the above-mentioned communications in each of the commercial communications that the User will receive, where the procedure enabled to be opposed to the sending of new commercial communication will be indicated in an expressway.

In the withdrawal of information forms, the fields indicated with an asterisk are obligatory for what in case the User does not facilitate the corresponding information, ZERTIOR will be able to refuse the corresponding service in its alone discretion.

In agreement with our Privacy policy and Overall terms of service, your information is protected. On having activated a subscription, you understand and accept expressly that:

From the moment in which the User fulfil his subscription, has access to the name and e-mail of the User, shaping a file due inscribed in the General Record of the Spanish Personal Data Protection Agency below ” WEB USERS ” name.

ZERTIOR retain the right to modify, at any time and without the need of previous notice, the presentation, and configuration of the website as this Overall Conditions.

Guarantees and responsibility exclusion

The provider neither grants any guarantee nor becomes a person in charge, in any case, of the damages of any nature that could bring reason of:

  • The lack of availability, maintenance and effective functioning of the web or of services and contents;
  • The existence in the contents of virus, malicious or harmful programs;
  • The illicit, neglectful or fraudulent use of the website, or a use opposite to this Legal Notice;
  • The lack of legality, quality, reliability, usefulness and availability of the services given by third parties and put at the disposal of the users in the website.

The provider does not become a person in charge of any concept of the damages that could arise from the illegal or undue use of the present webpage.

The User undertakes to:

  1. To do a suitable and lawful use of the Website as well as of the contents and services, of conformity with:
    • The law applicable in every moment;
    • The General Conditions of the Website;
    • The generally accepted morality and good manners, and
    • The public order
  1. To be provided with all the technical requirements that are needed to accede to the Website.
  2. To facilitate truthful information when the user fulfils the personal forms contained in the Website and to keeping them updated at all time so that it answers, in every moment, to the real situation of the User. The User, for the information that it facilitates, will be the only one responsible for the false or inaccurate manifestations that realizes and of the prejudices that it causes to ZERTIOR S.L or third parties.

Nevertheless, the established in the previous paragraph the User, likewise, will have to abstain from:

  1. To do a not authorized or fraudulent use of the Website and / or of the contents with illicit effects or ends prohibited in the present Overall Conditions of Use; harmful for third parties rights and interests, or that of any way they could damage, render useless, overload, spoil or prevent the normal utilization of the services or the documents, files and all kinds of contents stored in any IT equipment.
  2. To access or try to access to resources or restricted areas of the Website, without fulfilling the conditions demanded in the above-mentioned access.
  3. To provoke damages in the logical or physical systems of the Website, of its suppliers or third parties.
  4. To introduce or to spread IT virus in the network or any other physical or logical systems that are capable of provoking damages in ZERTIOR’s physical or logical systems, or in its suppliers or third parties.
  5. Try to access, use or manipulate Zertior´s, suppliers or another Users information.
  6. To reproduce or copy, to distribute, to allow the access of the public across any modality of public communication, to transform or to modify the contents, unless one possesses the authorization of the holder of the right correspondents or it turns out to be legally allowed.
  7. To obtain and to try to obtain the contents using for it measures or procedures different to those that, according to the cases, have being put to Users disposition to this effect or have been indicated expressly in the web pages where they find the contents or, in general, of those who are used habitually in Internet for not containing a risk of hurt or underutilization of the website and/or of the contents.
  8. Especially, and to merely indicative and not exhaustive title, the User promises not to transmit, spread or put at the disposal of third party, information, contents, messages, graphs, drawings, files of sound and / or image, photography, recordings, software and, in general, any class of material that:
    • In any way, be opposite, despise or commit an outrage against the fundamental rights and the public constitutionally recognized freedoms, in the International Agreements and in the rest of the in-force legislation.
    • Induce, incite or promote criminal, insulting, slanderous, violent actions or, in general, those actions opposite to the law, to the morality, to the good generally accepted customs or to the public order.
    • Induce, incite or promote actions, attitudes or discriminatory thoughts on grounds of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or condition.
    • Incorporate, put to disposition or allow to accede to products, elements, messages and / or criminal, violent, offensive, harmful, degrading services or, in general, opposite to the law, to the morality and to the good generally accepted customs or to the public order.
    • Induce or suggest to an unacceptable anxiety or dread condition.
    • Induce or incite to interfere in dangerous practices, harmful to the health and the psychic balance.
    • It is protected by the legislation as for intellectual protection belonging to ZERTIOR S.L or to third parties without there has been authorized the use that is tried to realize.
    • Be opposite to the honour, to the personal and familiar intimacy or to the persons own image.
    • Constitute any type of advertising.
    • Include any type of virus or program that prevents the normal functioning of the Web site.

If a password was provided to User to accede to some of the services and / or contents of the Website, it binds the User to use it in a diligent way, supporting it at all time privately. In consequence, the User will be responsible for its suitable custody and confidentiality, promising not to yield to third parties, of a temporary or permanent way, nor to allow the access to the mentioned services and / or contents on the part of foreign persons. Equally, it binds to notify to ZERTIOR S.L any fact that could suppose an undue use of the password, since, to illustrative title, its theft, deviation or the not authorized access, in order to proceed to its immediate cancellation. For that reason, while it does not make the previous notification, ZERTIOR S.L will remain exempted from any responsibility that could stem from the undue use of the password, being of User´s responsibility any illicit utilization of the contents and / or services of the Website for any illegitimate third party.

If in a neglectful or fraudulent way it was breaking any of the obligations established in the present Overall Use Conditions, the User will answer for all the damages that from the above-mentioned breach should stem for ZERTIOR S.L.

ZERTIOR S.L neither guarantees the continued access, nor the correct visualization, unload or usefulness of the elements and information contained in the Website, which can turns prevented, impeded or interrupted by factors or circumstances that are out of the company control.

ZERTIOR S.L is not responsible for the decisions that could be adopted as consequence of the access to the contents or offered information.

ZERTIOR S.L has the right to interrupt the service or to solve in an immediate way the relation with the User if the company detects that a use of the Website or of any of the services offered in the same are opposite to the present Overall Use Conditions. ZERTIOR S.L does not become responsible by hurts, prejudices, losses, claims or expenses derived from the use of the Website. The company will only be responsible of eliminating, as soon as possible, the contents that could generate such prejudices, providing that this way it is notified. Especially it will not be responsible for the prejudices that could stem, between others, of:

  • Interferences, interruptions, failures, omissions, telephonic breakdowns, delays, blockades or disconnections in the functioning of the electronic system, motivated by deficiencies, overloads and mistakes in the lines and networks of telecommunications, or for any other reason foreign to ZERTIOR’s control.
  • Illegitimate interferences by means of the use of any type of malignant programs and across any way of communication, such as IT virus or any others.
  • Inappropriate or inadequate abuse of the Website.
  • Safety or navigation mistakes produced by an evil functioning of the navigator or for the use of not updated versions. The administrators of ZERTIOR S.L save themselves the right to withdraw, total or partially, any content or present information in the Website.

ZERTIOR S.L excludes any responsibility for the any nature damages that could owe to the services bad utilization that are for free disposition and use on the part of the Users on the Website. Likewise, ZERTIOR S.L remains freed from any responsibility for the content and information that could be received as consequence of the forms of withdrawal of information, being the same only for the presentation of the consultations and doubts services. On the other hand, in case of causing hurts and prejudices for an illicit or incorrect use of the above-mentioned services, the company will be able to claim against the User, for the hurts or caused prejudices.

You will defend, will indemnify and support unharmed ZERTIOR S.L opposite to any damages that stem from claims, actions or demands of third parties as consequence of your access or use of the Website. Likewise, you bind to indemnify ZERTIOR S.L opposite to any hurts and prejudices, which stem from the use for your part from “robots”, “spiders”, “crawlers” or similar tools used in order to obtains or to extract information or of any other action for your part that imposes an unreasonable load on the functioning of the Website.

Data protection and confidentiality

ZERTIOR, S.L. commit in the utilization of the information included in the file due registered in the Spanish Agency of Personal Data Protection with the name: ” USERS OF THE WEB “, to respect its confidentiality and to use them in agreement with the purpose of the same one, as well as to give fulfilment to it obligation implementing all the measures needed to guard and adapt them avoiding the alteration, loss, treatment or not authorized access, in conformity with the established measures of our Privacy Policy ( ), Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC, (General Data Protection Regulation), and the Royal decree 1720/2007 of December 21 by which there is approved the Regulation of development of the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, of Personal Data Protection.

The User guarantees that the facilitated personal data across the form is truthful, remaining obliged to communicate any modification of the same ones. Equally, the User guarantees that the facilitated personal data corresponds with his real situation, updated and is exact. In addition, the User binds to support at all time its updated information, being the only one responsible for the inaccuracy or falsehood of the facilitated information and of the prejudices that could cause for ZERTIOR, S.L. as holder of the site.

Exercise of users ‘rights

Any person has right to obtain confirmation on if in ZERTIOR we are treating personal information that they concern, or not.

The interested persons have right to accede to their personal information, as well as to request the rectification of the inaccurate information or, to request their suppression when, between other reasons, the information is not already necessary for the ends that they were collected.

In certain circumstances, the interested parties will be able to request the limitation of the treatment of their information, in whose case we will only preserve the information for the exercise or defence of claims.

In certain circumstances and for reasons related to their particular situation, the interested parties will be able to be opposed to the treatment of their information. ZERTIOR will stop treating the information, except for legitimate imperious reasons, or the exercise or the defence of possible claims.

Equally they will have right to request the suppression, cancellation or the portability of their information.

May direct their communications and exercise their rights across postal mail directed to PLAZA DE LA LEALTAD Nº 3, 5ª PLANTA, 28014 Madrid, or via email : together with valid test in right, as photocopy of the D.N.I. or equivalent, indicating in the matter ” DATA PROTECTION”.

Copyright – intellectual Property

The User recognizes and accepts that all the contents that appear in the Web site and especially, designs, texts, images, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, brands, or any other signs capable of industrial and / or commercial utilization are subject to rights of Intellectual Property and all the brands, trade names or distinctive signs, all the rights of industrial and intellectual property, on the contents and / or any other elements inserted in the site, which are exclusive property of ZERTIOR S.L and / or of third parties, who have the exclusive right to use them in the economic traffic. For all these reasons the User promises not to reproduce, to copy, to distribute, to put to disposition or of any other form to report publicly, to transform or to modify such contents keeping unharmed ZERTIOR S.L of any claim that stems from the breach of such obligations. In no case the access to the Website involves no type of resignation, transmission, license or total or partially transfer of the above-mentioned rights, except that the opposite is expressly established.

The present Overall Use Conditions of the Website do not award the Users any other right of utilization, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the Website and / or of his Contents different from here expressly foreseen. Any other use or exploitation of any rights will be subject to the previous and express authorization specifically granted to such an effect by the Company or the titular third party of the affected rights.

The contents, texts, photographies, designs, logos, images, programs of computer, source codes and, in general, any intellectual existing creation in this site, as well as the own site in this set, as artistic work multimedia, they are protected as copyright by the legislation as for intellectual property. ZERTIOR S.L is the owner of the elements that integrate the graphical design of the Website, menus, buttons of navigation, the HTML code, the texts, images, textures, graphs and any other content of the Website or, in any case has the corresponding authorization for the utilization of the above-mentioned elements. The content arranged in the Website will be able to be reproduced not in everything not partly, not transmitted, not registered by any system of recovery of information, either in any form nor in any way, until one possesses the previous authorization, in writing, of the mentioned Entity.

Likewise, is prohibited to suppress, to elude and / or to manipulate the “copyright” as well as the technical devices of protection, or any mechanisms of information that will be able to contain the contents. The User of this Website promises to respect the enunciated rights and to avoid any action that could harm them, saving itself in any case ZERTIOR S.L the exercise of all the means or legal actions correspond to its defence of its legitimate rights of intellectual and industrial property.

Zertior promises to respect at all time the intellectual property of third parties and asks its users to respect of equal way these rights. Zertior can in certain circumstances and to its total discretion, refuse the access to its contents, to the users and registered subscribers who infringe the in force intellectual property laws.


The User undertakes not to reproduce in any way, not at least by means of a hyperlink, ZERTIOR’s Website as well as any of its contents, except express authorization and in writing of ZERTIOR S.L.

ZERTIOR’s Website includes links to other web sites managed by third parties, in order collaborators facilitate the access of the User to the information of companies and / or sponsoring. Agree with it, ZERTIOR S.L neither takes responsibility of the content of the above-mentioned websites, there nor places in a guarantor’s position nor of bidder part of the services and / or information that could offer that third parties across the links.

There is granted to the User a limited, revocable and not exclusive right to create links to the principal page of the Web site exclusively for private and not commercial use. The web sites that include link to our Web site (i) will not be able to give to understand that ZERTIOR S.L. recommends this web site or its services or products; (ii) neither will be able to falsify its relation with ZERTIOR S.L nor to affirm that ZERTIOR S.L has authorized such a link, nor to include brands, names, trade names, logos or other ZERTIOR’s distinctive signs; (iii) They will not be able to include contents that could consider of badly taste, obscene, offensive, controversial, that they should incite to the violence or the discrimination because of sex, race or religion, opposite to the public order or illicit; (iv) They will not be able to connect to any page of the Web site different from the principal page; (v) It will have to connect with the own direction of the Website, without allowing that the web site that realizes the link should reproduce the Website as part of its web or inside one of its “frames” or to create a “browser” on any of the pages of the Web site. ZERTIOR S.L. will be able to request, at any time, that eliminates any link to the Website, after which it will have to proceed at once to its elimination. ZERTIOR S.L cannot control the information, contents, products or services facilitated by other web sites that have established links with destination to the Web site.

In consequence, ZERTIOR S.L does not assume any type of responsibility for any aspect relative to such web sites.

Duration and termination

The service of the present Website and the other compay´s services have at the beginning an indefinite duration. Nevertheless, ZERTIOR S.L will be able to give for finished or to suspend any of the services from the site when it deems it necessary. When it is possible, ZERTIOR S.L will announce the determined completion or suspension of the service.


By means of the use of the contents and services of this site you accept the conditions here exposed, remaining the same you hold to the legal in force regulation, for any possible conflict or legal litigation, which will be proceeded before the pertinent courts of Madrid.

In case of not accepting the here gathered procedure and use conditions, you must leave this service.

In the event that any clause of the present Overall Use Conditions was ensuing non-enforceable or void by virtue of the applicable legislation or as consequence of a judicial or administrative resolution, the above-mentioned non-enforceable or nullity clause will not affect to the enforceability of the present Overall Use Conditions. In the above-mentioned cases, ZERTIOR S.L will proceed to the modification or substitution of the above-mentioned stipulation for other one that is valid and enforceable and that, as far as possible, obtains the aim reflected in the original stipulation.

With the spirit of the use of the Web site adjusts to transparency, clarity and simplicity criteria, ZERTIOR S.L informs to the User that any suggestion, doubt or consultation on the Overall Use Conditions will be received and solved contacting ZERTIOR S.L on the tfno. Number 9175025169 or in the email address: